2nd Edition - 2019

After a thrilling inaugural year, with over 125 submissions from mostly local and low-budget films, our 2nd year year is off to an exciting start. Details from selected films below.


"An Interloper's Kiss"
dir. Grace Kim

6 min. Experimental.

A portrait of a woman's everyday life seen through the perspective of an unlikely voyeuristic love interest.

dir. James Tupper

2 min. iPad Animation. Experimental.

A window into the isolating life of a freelance 3D motion graphics designer.

"The Only Thing I Love More Than You Is Ranch Dressing"
dir. Sydney Clara Brafman

1 min. Horror. Comedy.

Ranch. Dipped. Chicken. Fingers.

dir. Tom Petroskey

2 min. Narrative.

A biker just wants his picture taken.

dir. Maggie Brennan

4 min. Animation.

"Yours" is a 2-D animated short about loneliness, love, and the vulnerability of aging in a tech-driven world.

Billie, an elderly woman with a glamorous past, signs up for a senior-friendly dating account. Soon, a young, handsome man reaches out to her. To the tech-savvy, he is an obvious scammer. Billie, however, is naive: his words of love launch her into a reverie of a life she never had and never will.

"The Love"
dir. Bethany & Kyle McCarthy

5 min.

A series of encounters between two strangers told from male and female perspectives.

dir. James Kwan

6 min. Stop-motion animation. Sci-fi.

Spacebaby has lost his Moon in the big, howling Universe. While the Universe seems to be tearing itself apart, Spacebaby sees the forces pulling everything together.

MOOON is a stop motion sci-fi film, inspired as much by 2001: A Space Odyssey as it is by the Muppets.


dir. Alex Mallonee, Will Dennis & Adam Chitayat

4 min. Narrative.

On a subway track, a chance encounter between two young men leaves one of them convinced he must hop on to the tracks.

dir. Michelle Meged

3 min. Animation. Collage.

Hermes drinks a little too much when Dionysus is at the pour, and embarks on a kaleidoscopic journey during a blackout