1st Edition - 2018

In an effort to support the community of young filmmakers and give exceptional short films an audience on the big screen, Syndicated Shorts was founded in 2018 and conceived of as a seasonal selection of short films designed to compliment our regular programming. 

dir. Naveen Chaubal

8 min. Digital.

A boy dreams of racing buses.

"A Deer, Grazing"
dir. Peter Schmidt

2 min. Animation.

Rare footage of a deer, grazing.

dir. Julian Velez

2 min. Experimental. Fashion.

Elné is a short short about the frustrations of a South African Girl searching for her true self in New York City. While also killing a few squirrels.

"The Taming of the Beast"
dir. David Toth

1 min. Stop-motion animation.

Little Red Riding Hood knows only one thing can turn her grandmother from wolf to human: a nice, strong cup of coffee.

dir. Jess Lane
Winner—1st Runner-up

6 min. Mockumentary. Vérité.

Three devoted Cornholio enthusiasts struggle to make ends meet in New York.

"disillusionment of 10 point font"
dir. Greg Condon

1 min. Typewriter animation.

a collection of playfully animated words, created on a typewriter

"Red Delicious"
dir. Ian Hurdle, Luke Williams, and Justin Gilman

4 min. iPhone 6.

An honest man is faced with unholy temptation. Will he resist the calling, or plummet into a realm of eternal punishment?

"Arrangement in Blue and Gold No. 1"
dir. Erica Schreiner

2 min. VHS.

A blue Peep candy bunny head leaves the rest of the bunny heads to dance with the blue flowers and become special.

"Satellite Strangers"
dir. James Bascara

6 min. Animation.

A strange cacophony.

"Clarissa Explains All of It"
dir. Manolo Moreno

4 min. Animation.

A meditation on human connection and self promotion


"Red Flower"
dir. Stella Rosen

3 min. Animation.

A plant consumes its owners blood, comes alive, and steals them both away to complete their life cycle in the wilderness.

dir. Julia Anrather / Luke Slattery

3 min. Music Video. Sci-fi.

A literal interpretation of an artist reinventing herself, this narrative music video explores the darker side of crafting a new identity.

"Pierre Andre Simmons"
dir. Jenny Groza
Winner—Audience Award

8 min. Documentary.

Pierre Andre Simmons' life is filled with so much more than the overflowing shopping carts and garbage cans most people associate with New York City can and bottle collectors. Pierre chooses the grueling work of collecting cans and bottles each day, plays the piano by night, and knows what he values more than anything else: freedom.